You know you’re an equestrian when you read passage as passage.

This messes with my head


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 Jamie Kermond and Quite Cassini
WEG 2014


my little champ (:


NAF Hartpury International Horse Trials 2014

I live for the thrill of the countdown. When they start with 10 and you’re holding your horse back, ready to go. And then 1, and you gallop out and onto the course


Lizzie Sobecki 
WEG 2014

I hope everyone realise that this is daaaretobedifferent !!! So so so inspiring! You go girl! All the tumblr equestrians are cheering for you! 💗

Anonymous said: Hi I was wondering if you could help, I'm trying to get some opinions... How do you know when you're ready to move up a level? Is there anything you should be doing and that kind of thing?

I’d say you should be comfortably schooling at the level you wish to go up, and that you have been achieving consistent results at the current level you’re riding. 

Of course with some levels, in eventing 1* and above, you have achieve certain qualifying results before you can compete at those levels, so obviously you want to be qualified, as well as schooling those sort levels. 

And don’t be afraid to confer with your instructor. If you have a regular instructor, they will be able to offer you advice on when the right time to move up may be. 

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forcef-ul said: Was your 'but shot' picture from friends of Werribee horse trails?

Whoops, I completely misread that… 

Yes, yes it is from FoW. 

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XC warm up at Friends of Werribee

How did you go? I was so bummed I missed it :(

Finished 8th in the Pre-Nov. :)